Saturday, February 16, 2008

It's NOT the Robins

I was standing out in front of St. Andrew’s a couple of days ago on a sunny and cold day after our recent “icing” and noticed that the small cherry tree near the from entrance was covered with Robins. A mother and child were coming up the walk and I pointed them out to the child. “It’s kind of early for them isn’t it?”, the Mom quipped. And I informed her that Robins are here all winter, they don’t migrate. And I told her it wasn’t her fault as many songs we learned which were “spring” songs gave us the impression that Robins were the true ensign of spring. Wrong. I had been set straight a few ago by an avid bird watcher on this matter and never forgot it. So when I see Robins in the winter I am glad, but I don’t make too much of their presence as a biological sign of the imminence of Primavera.

That evening I was watching the news and the sportscaster reported that the Philadelphia Phillies were to report to spring training in Clearwater, Florida the next day. Now THAT my friends is a with-a-doubt, sure and certain, beyond a shadow-of-a-doubt ensign of the approach of Spring! The Boys of Summer do not start too early or too late to shake out the late fall and early winter cob webs, get those joints moving again and practice their batting, pitching and catching.

I don’t expect Spring anytime soon on seeing a Robin. I DO expect Spring’s return when I hear the Phillies are migrating to Clearwater! Yesiree, Spring is most certainly near!


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