Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Why I Have Decided to Give Barak My Vote

I began my distant relationship with Barak Obama when he gave the nomination speech for John Kerry 4 years ago. I thought his speech was electrifying, inspiring and motivational. I actually worked door to door for the Kerry/Edwards ticket as a result.

I like Hillary too. I have always thought that she had a lot on the ball and was very disappointed at the lack of cooperation she received for trying to come up with a solution for the Health Care Crisis in our country. I felt that she handled her husband’s sexual infidelities as a woman who was committed to working out the hard stuff of marriage. She tried. Many women criticize her for that. I don’t.

Through the last two months I have watched debates, stump speeches, interviews and primary results. I rode the fence as to which one I was for in the Pennsylvania primary coming up on April 22. I was ambivalent; I liked both Hillary and Barak for different reasons. I was proud that a woman and an African-American man were the leading candidates. Wow, have things really changed???

But in the last month I have grown weary of the feeding frenzy which the political process produces in having one candidate attack another. I thought the competition was initially healthy for the party, the political process and our national dialogue on issues that are critical. But lately I am ready to get behind one candidate and move forward to November.

Barak Obama has shown me that he has the right stuff. He is not another Ivy League patrician seducing the Democratic Party with big talk. He has not taken PAC money from drug companies, medical organizations and military contractors. Barak seems to attract a wider diversity of people than Hillary which will be critical to the campaign against John McCain if we are to win. And in politics, winning counts, indeed it may be the only thing that counts in the big picture (take that Ralph Nadar and keep your butt at home this time!).

Recently I have seen Obama surge ahead and think that is a sign for all of us who were undecided to this point. A “brokered” nomination at the Democratic Convention would not unite us. In fact it may be a disaster. A clear and undisputable front runner going into that Convention would be healthy for the party and the country.

We have a candidate who has a broad appeal to Independents, the young, moderate Republicans. I still like Hillary but will pull the lever (yes, we will re-institute voting machines in Pennsylvania this election!) for Barak in order to unite the party and to get us focused for November.


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