Wednesday, October 31, 2007

If ever I would leave you...

Robert Goulet 1933-2007

The first Broadway musical I recall hearing was Camelot. My Dad played it on the family stereo which was this huge piece of furniture in our basement family room. The pop and crack of a needle-to-vinyl disc didn't delute the awe and wonder I felt at hearing Robert Goulet belt out "C'est Moi" or "If Ever I Should Leave You". Had I been more astute as an 8 year old I would have realized that I had a man-crush on Robert Goulet as Lancelot. I think my interest in music began with my introduction to this musical as odd as it may sound. All of the actors--Burton, Andrews and Goulet were well defined in their vocal styles and persona's. My childhood would have been far poorer had my Dad not laid this platter on the turntable.

So I didn't buy Robert Goulet albums after Camelot and didn't follow his career and become a groupie. Mr. Goulet was a fomative figure in my love of music and my interest in music that tells stories---be it liturgical, operatic or Broadway. I shall miss knowing he is still in the world and I am sorry he didn't get his lung transplant that he was awaiting. In checking the box for "organ donor" on my driver's license card (if I am ever dragged dead from a car accident), I think his death is a reminder that we all need to consider the life we may enhance and save if we become organ donors.

Godspeed to you, Mr. Goulet. We shall remember the story of the "Once and Future Kingdom" because of your vocal passion. Into paradise may the angels lead you. At your coming may the martyrs receive you, and bring you into the holy city Jerusalem!


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